Tim Gunn: ‘Isaac Mizrahi Is A Terrible, Terrible Person’

We have got to get our hands on Tim Gunn‘s book. While everyone’s favorite fashionable mentor may seem mild-mannered and even-handed on TV, Gunn really knows what makes for good, salacious book publicity.

The book, which is somewhat hilariously titled “Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work,” features no shortage of juicy tidbits skewering such fashion luminaries as Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, and Isaac Mizrahi. Earlier this summer, The New York Post published an excerpt in which Gunn claims he saw Vogue’s editor in chief being carried down a flight of stairs in lieu of walking. And while Vogue called the story a big fat lie, Gunn, well, stuck to his guns.

In an interview with The Daily News, Gunn takes things a step further, arguing that people shouldn’t be so afraid of Wintour. “It’s insane that people don’t call her out on the things she does,” he says, admitting all the same that he finds her just as terrifying. “Is it fear? I was certainly afraid of her. When her office called me, I thought I’d have to go into the witness protection program.”

But Gunn has some equally cutting words for designer Isaac Mizrahi, who he apparently calls a “spoiled snob” in his book. Gunn told The Daily News he was being easy on him. “Oh, please, I was so kind to [Mizrahi]. I mean, I wouldn’t have the words to describe some of the more abhorrent behavior. He really is a terrible, terrible, terrible person.”

Perhaps it’s his matter-of-factness, or perhaps it’s because he’s equally bitchy about his parents — he calls his mother a “stone” and his father a “homophobic brute” — but we’re with Gunn on this one. And while the irony of telling-all in a book about manners isn’t lost on us, we love that Gunn seems decidedly unconcerned with the fact that he may be making some very powerful enemies.


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