Tim Gunn Says He’d Never Put Lady Gaga On A Best-Dressed List

Looks like Tim Gunn and Lady Gaga aren’t going to bring their war of words to an end any time soon. The fashion guy lobbed another volley at the pop star this week when he explained to a reporter that he would never under any circumstances name Gaga to a best-dressed list.

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In an interview with Hollywood Life, Gunn asked “Would she look like a real person navigating the real world? Never. She doesn’t know how to do that.”

Ouch. But then Gunn explained that he doesn’t think what Gaga wears is bad so much as he thinks it’s not in the realm of real fashion:

She doesn’t wear clothes, she wears costumes. So would I ever put her on a best dressed list or list her among fashion icons? Of course not. Do I disrespect her? Of course not.

She’s remarkably talented, and the world’s a better place for having her, but best-dressed list? Not in my vocabulary.

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We see his point. But we also see Gaga’s point about Gunn being a fashion bully. Because even though he’s being honest in his evaluation of what famous people wear, sometimes the truth hurts more than anything else.

[Hollywood Life]

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