Tim Gunn Does Not Like Lady Gaga’s Style

We have defended Tim Gunn and his tendency not to pull punches in the past, but now he’s insulted our dear Lady Gaga and the gloves are off.

OK — only half off. Because when asked what he thought of Gaga’s style, he didn’t say what she wears is categorically bad or even not aesthetically pleasing. Just that it’s not fashion:

“Who would want to emulate that? It’s not even fashion. Those are costumes,” he said.

And that’s kinda true. It’s plain to see that there’s a huge costume-y attitude and sensibility in most everything that Gaga puts on her back. But most of it has designer labels, and most of it is designed specifically to challenge the limits of where fashion can go. In that sense, Lady Gaga’s wardrobe is about as far from actually being composed as costumes as a piece of music is from being composed of kittens. She’s even said in the past that she wears what she wears because she believes in it, not because she’s trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

We’d be interested to know what Gunn thinks of Anna Piaggi‘s style, or even Lynn Yaeger‘s. Those ladies both regularly make non-traditional, over-the-top sartorial choices, but it’d be hard to call what they wear costumes. And judging by that standard, we think it’s a little silly to call Gaga’s McQueen and Armani pieces costumes.

But as we’ve said before, we really don’t think Gunn is out for blood here, and we were probably a little hasty in taking the gloves off back in the first paragraph. A reporter asked the guy a question and he gave an honest and unpopular answer. And the Internet is going to run amok with it until someone else does something that gets our attention. But stick around — that should happen sometime within the next 45 minutes.

[Via The Hollywood Gossip]

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