Tim Gunn To Avoid Being Catty On New Daytime Talk Show

It’s called The Revolution, and it will be televised. Fashion person Tim Gunn‘s new daytime talk show on ABC will focus on helping women transform their lives and personal style with the help of a team of professional help-givers. It will also saddle him with the task of being nice to people.

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Gunn, who has famously spouted fairly hateful things about everyone from Lady Gaga to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, told Marie Claire that his new show will help empower women to make positive changes in their lives. Each woman’s life will be aired over the course of five episodes (we get introduced on Mondays, and Fridays are the “big reveal”), and viewers will watch as Gunn and Extreme Makeover Home Edition host Ty Pennington, celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, relationship expert Tiffanie Davis Henry and health specialist Dr. Jennifer Ashton. And Gunn’s totally gonna be nice the whole time.

“It’s really a feel-good show. Sure, we will push the buttons in terms of a reality wake-up call, but we’re not mean-spirited. You’ll never see us talking behind someone’s back in snarky, unsupportive way.”

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And we believe Gunn is capable of that. He’s served up tons of piping hot bowls of tough love and reality during his tenure as the grande dame of Project Runway, so we’re sure he can do it for people whose lives he’s getting involved with in a big way. But what we’re not so sure of is that he’ll be able to restrain himself from dumping some of that piping hot commentary on people who aren’t even on the show. Stay tuned.

[Marie Claire via Fashionista]

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