Flashback: 5 Vintage Ads For Chanel No. 5

Historical relevance is synonmous with Chanel, one of the oldest fashion houses in the haute couture world.

Chanel No. 5, created in 1921, was Coco’s first fragrance and unlike most other perfumes, no changes have ever been made to alter its scent. It is estimated that that a bottle of the scent is sold every 55 seconds throughout world.

Chanel’s “nose” and perfumer Jacques Polge told The Independent, “For us, you know, Chanel No 5 never needed to be revamped…[it] has always been a very alive perfume in the company [and it is] our job to protect the creation, and we make all types of effort in order that it remains the same.”

The fragrance may have remained the same, but the advertising certainly hasn’t.

Today’s Flashback pays homage to five of our favorite Chanel No. 5 advertisements of all time.

First up, a Chanel No. 5 advertisement from the 1960′s.

This is a 1930′s Chanel ad featuring Coco herself at the Ritz in Paris.

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