WATCH: Did Tina Fey Hire A Butt Double For 30 Rock?

On last night’s episode of 30 Rock, Tina Fey‘s character discovered a hip Brooklyn clothing store selling jeans that magically gave her the kind of butt people dream about. But when the camera caught a close-up of Fey trying on the jeans, we couldn’t but notice that Fey’s butt and the butt in the close-up just aren’t the same. While Fey is clearly gorgeous, a quick check of the credits shows that the show hired 23-year-old model Nea Mclin to serve as her butt double.

Why would Fey, who actually has a rather nice backside, feel the need to replace her own hind quarters with a pair from a woman half her age? It’s very clearly a ruse poking fun at the way jeans are advertised to make your butt look like anything and everything you ever wanted it to be. Mclin masquerading as Liz Lemon is a bit of live-action Photoshopping that for once, we actually condone. Because it’s funny.

Of course, if it makes you any feel better, that hilariously padded shot of Liz’s butt in the “shorteralls” at the end of the episode didn’t belong to Fey, either.

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