To Discuss: Should Jay Z Have Hit Solange Back?


The ladies from “The View” are the latest to throw in their two cents on the Knowles-Carter controversy. On Tuesday, the roundtable debate went from #WhatDidJayZSay speculation, to criticisms on Beyonce’s decision to stand back as Solange attacked Jay Z. While Jenny McCarthy agreed with Beyonce’s inaction, speculating that Jay may have said something rude to Beyonce that caused Solange to throw down on behalf of her sister, Whoopi Goldberg felt Jay Z had every right to retaliate against Solange regardless of gender.

“I think Solange was ready for him to do whatever he was going to do,” Goldberg said. “This is the thing, if anybody hits you, you have the right — I know that many people are raised in a very different way but if a woman hits you, to me, you have the right to hit her back.”

But we all know what would have happened had Jay pushed Julius aside and fought back, right? Chris Brown, anyone? Jay, already accused of glamorizing domestic violence, would have his career taken from him in a moment’s notice. Every blog, every television show, every pundit would replay the ugly moment a rapper hit a defenseless, albeit rash, woman.

But Whoopi and a few others raise a valid point: Is it fair to say that Jay Z shouldn’t have hit Solange because of his gender? Some argue that if we’re fighting for gender equality, then gender shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to violence and self defense. Would a man not hit another man solely because he’s a man? Or vice versa? Probably not. And in Jay’s case, when a woman attacked a man, the woman – Solange – was largely celebrated for it (#GoGirl, #LetHimHaveIt, etc). However, had roles been reversed, we’re pretty sure  no one would be putting Jay Z’s head on top of a Mortal Combat victory.

Where do you stand? Should Jay Z have hit Solange back? Discuss.

[Swagger New York]

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