Would You Wear A Wedding Dress Made Out Of Toilet Paper?

If you’re Kate Middleton, you have the world’s best designers offering up their first borns for a chance to create your wedding dress. But for the rest of us, donning a McQueen custom gown isn’t really an option.

This is why we have Cheap Chic Weddings’ Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest! The concept is simple: design and create a wedding dress made out of nothing but toilet paper and adhesives for the chance to win $1000. This year (the contest’s 7th), Susan Brennan took home the grand prize. With no more than four rolls of toilet paper, hot glue, and packing tape, Susan managed to create a gown that we think is both elegant and flattering — do we see bridal design in her future?

Second place went to Laura Lee, who used five rolls of toilet paper, duct tape, first aid tape, and spray adhesive to create her tiered dress. Lee was followed by 3rd place winner Cynthia Richards. Richards’ dress required the use of 20 (!) rolls of toilet paper, duct tape, and three different kinds of glue. Needless to say, we’re impressed.

Take a look at the winner’s dress, as well as those of the runners up, in the gallery below. Would you wear any of them?

[via Cheap Chic Weddings]

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