Tom Brady And Tom Ford Have A Bromance In VMan

Tom Brady covers the fall issue of VMAN wearing a fancy Givenchy suit and holding a very ferocious Doberman.

In the corresponding Carine Roitfeld-styled spread, Brady models more spiffy suits and accessories by Ermenegildo Zegna, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Boss, Cartier, and Tom Ford, who just so happens to interview the New England Patriots‘s hunky quarterback. Did you expect anything less for Gisele‘s husband and father-to-be? However, that didn’t stop the dog from biting Brady’s arm — ouch.

The rest of the interview is filled with the usual stuff about his new home with Gisele (“I think the last three places I’ve been in, and the last two places she’s been in, we’ve kind of done ourselves, starting from scratch.”), and his love for football (“I love the competitiveness, I love the intensity, and also that it’s a very strategic game.”).

But we are definitely most interested in the blossoming bromance between Brady and Ford. In between questions, Ford praises Brady for not being scared to look vulnerable, says he hasn’t seen another athlete who’s shown a sensitive side since Joe Namath, and even forecasts Brady as an actor. Seriously, it really is the highlight of the article.

And here’s a bit about Ford and his views on the irony of the fashion industry:

“And I notice you and Gisele always get up and dance at those events, which I appreciate. But it was pretty funny listening to Bruno Mars singing “You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are” [at the Met Ball] when it was in front of a thousand people who are rich, beautiful, wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry, and dressed in $30,000 dresses that are only good this season because next season it’s all going to look out-of-date. That was quite funny because it’s this industry, of course, that makes people feel like they have to change. I have such a split personality about it. On the one hand I want to go off and live in the desert with my dog and sculpt things out of adobe, but then on the other I’m part of this industry that creates insecurity and focuses on materialism and things that aren’t actually, for me, the most important things in life. So it’s strange.”


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