PHOTOS: Is Tom Cruise Wearing Hidden Platforms?

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are in Japan right now celebrating the premiere of their action flick “Knight and Day.” And while we’re kind of digging his casual red carpet style (jeans!), we couldn’t help but notice that in spite of their natural height differential and the fact that Diaz is wearing what appear to be four-inch heels, Cruise isn’t coming up more than an inch or two shorter than her. What’s the deal?

HuffPost Entertainment points out that Cruise is 5’7 and Diaz, in flats, is 5’9″. There’s definitely at least a 1.5 inch, maybe even 2 inch heel on Cruise’s shoe, but that’s not enough to make up the difference. We suspect that the height of his hair swoop is it’s own sort of optical illusion, but we’d definitely put our money on a hidden platform inside his loafers. What do you think?

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Dan Abrams, Founder