Things That Aren’t Going To Happen: Tom Ford For H&M

It’s happened before, and we’re sure it’ll happen again, but rumors that H&M will actively pursue Tom Ford to be its next design collaborator are nothing more than pipe dreams, and the sooner we accent that, the better.

Business Week opened a recent story about H&M’s collaboration with Versace by quoting the company’s creative director Margareta van den Bosch as saying that she would love to work with Ford. And who wouldn’t? He’s doing really big things with his own brand, what with his super secretive women’s collections, his much-worn men’s line and his new smattering of beauty products.

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And that’s exactly why we’re not holding our breath to see Ford collaborate with H&M, or with any other mass retailer for that matter. Ford doesn’t need the money, he doesn’t need the exposure, and he doesn’t need the stress. He’s created a brand on the premise of glamorous exclusivity. His clothing line isn’t exactly priced to move, and he only invites a select few to see it at his fashion shows. So would he really work with one of the biggest fast fashion chains in the world, when he is decidedly against fast fashion? No. H&M might as well ask Dior to team up with them on a line of handbags. They might as well ask Ford if he’s interested in designing uniforms for employees at Wal-Mart, for that matter.

Of course this rumor has floated around before. The Business Week piece cites an article in the French Tribune suggesting that Ford’s now-famous guest edited issue of Vogue Paris means he wants to collaborate with H&M, a piece we’ve already posited is a trumped up work of “journalism” published in what is essentially a fake newspaper. But the idea is out there, so of course Business Week‘s reporter had to ask van den Bosch about the possibility of working with Ford. And of course, given that we’re talking about Tom Ford here, van den Bosch had to say, “I wouldn’t mind.”

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Yeah. We wouldn’t mind being gifted the entire spring line of Ford’s men’s and women’s collection, and all of his new fragrances and shades of lipstick for no reason at all. But we don’t expect that to happen either.

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