Tom Ford: I Designed My Collection To Fit My Models

Can enough be said about Tom Ford‘s patent genius? No — and that’s exactly why people are still talking about the secret women’s collection he presented during New York Fashion Week. That and the fact that we didn’t even get to see photos of it until last month so there’s a lot of catching up for us to do, but you know what we mean.

Anyway, the good people at Vogue UK talked to Ford about that collection, inquiring after everything from why he only invited 100 people to what he wants his brand to look like in 10 years. But perhaps the most interesting thing is the way he approached the manufacturing of the dresses. Each dress was made to fit both the personality and the size of the women who waked down his runway — as opposed to most designers who design the looks, then find models to fit their itty-bitty samples. Ford also thinks fashion shouldn’t be boring or serious or stodgy — and as magazines and bloggers everywhere have demonstrated well over the past two months, his clothes are anything but. Below, our favorite parts of the interview.

You’re often referred to as a perfectionist, were you happy with the womenswear launch presentation?
I was very happy with the reaction and, most importantly, to see that people were having fun. The women were having a great time and the audience had fun. I think that people need to smile and laugh and that fashion should make you enjoy life.

The women you chose – from Beyoncé to Daphne Guinness – have very different individual styles, was this important to you?
I wanted to represent all women. I literally designed the clothes for each woman. I took their measurements, thought about them, thought about what they wore. I know Lauren Hutton likes white, I know she likes a hat, I know she looks good in a fedora. I chose carefully. Lisa Eisner has always been one of my great friends and muses, and Rachel Feinstein is one of the most fabulous women in the world and I love her body and I love her. Daphne is amazing and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Beyoncé. I wanted each woman’s personality and individual style to come through and am happy that I achieved that.

Where do you see the Tom Ford brand in 10 years?
I see the Tom Ford brand as a place where a man or woman of any age who appreciates quality can go to find beautifully made clothes, accessories, a range of fragrances, cosmetics and beauty products.

Tom Ford Exclusive [Vogue UK]

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