Tom Ford Is Still Talking About Princess Beatrice’s Hat

Tom Ford is a 50-year-old fashion genius. At this point, age and prestige have all but just handed the man the undeniable right to spout wise on just about anything he wants, and that includes stories we thought were over months ago. Case in point: the man still has thoughts on that much-maligned Philip Treacy fascinator that Princess Beatrice of York wore to the Royal Wedding.

Ford had a conversation with his old friend, artist Lisa Eisner, for Bergdorf Goodman‘s blog, and among the many things they talked about was the idea of the Tom Ford woman. You see, the Tom Ford woman knows what she wants, and she knows how to wear her clothes. She doesn’t let her clothes (or extravagant accessories) wear her. And this is a lesson Ford thinks Princess B needs to learn.

I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but at the royal wedding, one of the princesses wore a now-very-famous (or infamous) Philip Treacy hat—that hat wore her. Now, Isabella Blow, a woman those of us in fashion knew well . . . had she worn the same hat, it would have looked great. She would have worn the hat. She knew what she was about, what she wanted to express in fashion.

Of course, we’d argue that he’s giving the dearly missed Mrs. Blow a little too much credit — that hat was just awful, and we doubt it would have looked good on anyone, even if they’d had the confidence to tell the world otherwise.

But then we’d be arguing against a man we just said had the undeniable right to spout wise on just about anything he wants. In honor of that, here are the rest of our favorite parts of the interview, presented absolutely without commentary:

On being a young gay in Texas:

I was not like every other kid, especially in Texas. I wore a little suit and carried a briefcase in the third grade. I was completely different. I was terrible at team sports. I was not popular. So when I hear people saying my name and I can feel them staring at me, it’s a throwback to something I want to run from.

An explanation of that whole five baths a day thing:

I do take a lot of baths a day. But there’s not a lot of rituals involved. I basically lie in hot water for an hour, and it’s not about cleanliness. It’s meditation. It’s really how I wake up in the mornings, how I relax from the day so that I can go out to dinner. I have to take a bath before I change my shirt and go out to dinner. And then when I come home, I take a bath to sort of unwind from dinner, or wherever I’ve been, so that I can go to sleep, or try to sleep.

And a quick word about man facelifts:

I think that they haven’t been able to perfect a good facelift for a man… it actually pulls your beard and your sideburns back, and that’s what’s so strange. And an eyelift on a man usually makes the eyes look extremely feminine. It’s something to avoid if you’re a man. The solution is a really beautifully tailored Tom Ford jacket. No one will be looking at your bad eyelift.

Worth noting? A decent facelift costs about as much as a beautiful Tom Ford jacket. Check out the rest of the interview here.


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