French Fashion Critic Gives Tom Ford’s Spring Show A Scathing Review

Has Tom Ford fallen from grace? While early reviews of his show were mixed, at worst, one critic has stepped up to the proverbial bat and called the whole thing a “slowly unfolding nightmare.” Oh, and it gets so much worse.

Le Figaro’s Virginia Mouzat (who you may remember as being in the running to replace Carine Roitfeld at Vogue Paris) has written what will, sadly, undoubtedly be called the most scathing review of the season. According to Jenna Sauers‘ translation on Jezebel, Mouzat begins by comparing the show to “an out-of-style Gucci collection from more than ten years ago”, before declaring “overload… the key word of the collection.” She likens the watch to Cartier’s tank, the heels to Alaia, the leather shorts to Celine, and the raffia embellished coats to YSL’s from 1967.

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And then:

After this inventory for Kim Kardashian, Tom Ford appeared on the runway. He walked out. And stayed there, in the middle of the catwalk, wordlessly awaiting his standing ovation. Perhaps people would oblige out of anguish, or sympathy, or because all of this is supposed to be fun, after all. But everyone just looked at their feet. The music kept playing. Ford tried to speak over the noise, but it was impossible to hear. One could see this baby-faced man was seeking desperately to clear the air. He threw himself on his longtime companion, Richard Buckley, and they embraced. (Ralph Lauren always embraces his wife Ricky after his shows, but he goes backstage right after.) But still nobody stood. Then Tom Ford retreated towards Anna Wintour, on whom he inflicted a hug. So this Texas playboy, whose praises reporters sang in the Gucci years, has become the man for whom nobody stands. If not the man one actively flees. But of this whole vignette, as of the actual collection, you’ll see nothing here. Tom Ford refuses to publish photographs of his shows.

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And lest you think Mouzat was making a dramatic mountain out of a fashion anthill, Lynn Yaeger has a similar account over at New York Magazine. Her take:

Speaking of which: Q. What eminent designer puts what seems like 150 looks on the runway — bottom-grabbing pencil skirts; tiny purple Floradora dresses — and forbids photography (apparently to lend an air of exclusivity, but in this case, maybe to protect his reputation) and emerges on the runway at the end of the show, then stands around with a bunny-in-the-headlights look in his eyes, waiting for a standing ovation that never comes?
A. Tom Ford.

What we would have paid to see that.

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In any case, now we just can’t wait to see how long before Ford bans all press and just starts showing his collections to “family and friends”.

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