Because It’s Cold: The Top 5 Songs About Sweaters

Do you know what we’ve been doing over the last 36 hours, America? We’ve been shivering. On Saturday, New York had its earliest snowfall since, like, The Civil War, and most of the Northeast had to bundle up, hunker down and hope not to be frozen alive. We here in the Big Apple only got a few inches of snow, but the storm left no doubt in anyone’s mind: Sweater weather is here to stay.

And in celebration of that happy fact, we’ve rounded up what we think are the five best songs about what we think are undeniably the best garments of all: sweaters! From the funky riffs of The Greyboy Allstars to (and forgive us for this) Ingrid Michaelson, these five songs remind us that when we’re cold, lonely, pissed off or even blissfully happy, sweaters are always appropriate.

Meryn Caldwell — The Sweater

Unless, of course, you’re an emotional boy-crazy teenager. If that’s the case, and the cute boy you’re into lets you borrow his sweater, things can either get really cute or really ugly really fast. Thank you, Ms. Caldwell, for reminding us of that fact.

CONTINUED: Ingrid Michaelson helps us warm up

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