Tumblr’s Top 2013 Fashion Trends Include ‘Pastel Goth’ and (Duh) Hipster


Arbiter of movements in complicated nail art and Manic Pixie Dream Girl hairstyles, Tumblr, has released its annual list of the most reblogged fashion trends of 2013. For the most part it’s not a very surprising one. At the top of the list is ‘hipster’, because of course, with ‘grunge’ and ‘indie’ taking slots two and three. Sky Ferreira, Saint Laurent, Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, young Kurt Cobain, Kurt Cobain hair, cigarettes and Dr. Martens are the biggest amassers of the #grunge hashtag. Sub-trends including ‘space grunge’ and ‘grunge night’ are your go-tos for all things galaxy print.

Among the usual suspects, though, are some self-explanatory but nonetheless interesting additions. ‘Pastel Goth’ is exactly what it sounds like and is the the 21st most popular Tumblr trend of the year, while ‘Kfashion’ confirms our suspicions that that South Korea (not North Korea) is a source of inspiration not to be overlooked.

Not in for 2013 is anything in high saturation color. ‘Pale’, ‘rosy’, ‘pastel’, ‘floral’, ‘lace’ and ‘sunglasses’ all seem to suggest it’s an endless summr on Tumblr, though if you’re an internet enthusiast who resides in a city that experiences seasons, we’ve got some suggestions for diluted hues that are 100% winter-appropriate.


Most Reblogged in 2013:  Fashion & Style Trends:


  • hipster
  • grunge
  • indie
  • pale
  • swag
  • pastel
  • rosy
  • girly
  • pastel
  • boho
  • street style
  • hippie
  • retro
  • menswear
  • floral
  • kfashion
  • goth
  • glasses
  • sunglasses
  • lace
  • pastel goth

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