Toronto Men’s Fashion Week Pulled This Collection for Being ‘Too Femme’

Yesterday’s L’Uomo Strano runway show was reinstated after being pulled last minute from Toronto Men’s Fashion Week for being “too femme.”

The offending, too-mind-boggling-to-compute-in-Canada look could have been the dude wearing the satiny lavender full skirt, the one in the cobalt blue crop top, or the guy in the criss-cross feather top that owed a lot to Björk. We don’t know, but allegedly the vibe got them temporarily kicked out. (L’Uomo Strano bills itself as the Afro-futurist luxury male-wear brand.)

You’d think that fashion would be on board with fluidity, but when it comes to visibility of men who dress all flouncy, we’re not there yet. It’s a strange discrepancy. Women in menswear are celebrated everywhere. A woman in a tie and some big pantaloons = “good for her, how strong.” But men in real skirts don’t get the same respect. Wait, doesn’t it show how confident a man is in his off-the-charts sperm count if he wears a tutu? Guess not. A dude still doesn’t get the same permission for his need to identify with something feminine — like a fluffy lavender skirt — and it can get designers dropped from fashion week a few days before the show.

L’Uomo Strano’s designer, Mic. Carter, announced on Facebook that his show was pulled to choruses of support. Carter wrote that it was because the staff feared the media would sink its teeth into the womenswear as menswear thing. But in a statement the executive director, Jeff Rustia, said it was actually because of the quality and construction problems.

Carter reluctantly said yes when they asked him back. Oddly, those ruffly chiffon pieces looked pretty finished to us. Those Canadian magic elves of the night must just be that on point.

h/t FreshDaily

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