5 Fashion Trends From The 80s And 90s We’re Sure Will Never Come Back

Trends are funny. There are some that never really ever go out of style, but simply cycle in and out of the current fashion scene: Florals, Black & White, Neutrals, Plaids, etc. These are essentially staples that rotate throughout the decades. They’re obviously timeless enough to keep coming back, but they’ll pick up hype on the runway, then die down again until someone brings them back to life.

Then there are the fads, the false-alarm trends, that may or may not stick. Now, to be qualified for one of these types of trends, the style has to be a little crazy. It has to be shocking enough to illicit a “Wow!” or an “Oh,” BUT that doesn’t mean people don’t like it. Remember when EVERYONE wore straight-leg jeans (read: mom jeans). Just your plain ole tapered Levi’s. Then one day someone was like, “Hey, you know those jeans that used to be reserved for cowboys? Well, we’re bring them back in style. They’re called BOOTCUT.” In that case, the reintroduction of such a style was a hit. Now Bootcut jeans are never going away again.

But not all trends can be so fortunate. Here we’ve rounded up 5 of the most did-I-wear-that trends that we’re pretty positive will never, ever come back in style.

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