Troy Polamalu Compares His Hair To J. Lo’s Butt

So the ladies at Glamour got on the phone with Troy Palomalu, that guy who has the big hair who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The man with the million-dollar hair (it’s insured because he’s a Head and Shoulders spokesman) talked about his family life, his teammates and, perhaps most importantly, how he keeps his thick, dark, three-foot-long strands of hair in such shiny and enviable condition. And don’t worry — you’re not the only one who’s mad that his hair is so pretty. His wife is pretty ticked off, too. Below, a few of our favorite moments from the interview (which you can read in full here) and if you’ve never seen one of his commercials before, we’ve included our favorite one at the bottom of the post.

Is his hair longer than his wife’s? Yes, currently.

“I do have longer hair than my wife and she’s not too happy about it! We alternate: Either I’m up and she’s down, or she’s up and I’m down,” he says.

So is long hair a family thing? Yep!

“My two year old son has never cut his hair and I don’t plan on cutting my six month old son’s hair either. It’s going to be our family identity.” Love!

How does he feel about holding the world record for the highest insured hair? Well…let’s just say it puts him in a whole new category.

“It’s very unique,” he admits. “I always tell people that it equates my hair with J.Lo’s butt!”

Do the guys ask him for hair tips in the locker room? Absolutely.

“One of my teammates is balding and he has a makeshift mullet,” says Polamalu. “He’s always asking me for some of my hair to use as plugs!” (And yes, of course I asked who the man behind the mullet was, but he wouldn’t break the sacred man code).

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Troy Polamalu, The Man With Million-Dollar Hair, Reveals His Secrets []

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