Tween Girls Outraged Over School’s Ban on Leggings

(legg-ings :ˈlegiNGz/
1. What middle school boys look at instead of a chalkboard when teachers start speaking.
Ex. “I could do my classwork, but I can’t focus with so many leggings around.”)

Leggings are pretty powerful. The stretchy bottoms are sometimes criticized for not being pants, but more importantly, they can also lead a school to crumble under their power — or at least really piss off teachers.

(We’re tortured with indecision over what’s worse — that girls have been getting sent home from Haven for wearing leggings, or that bright futures are being ruined at every hallway turn by formfitting pants.)

Student Sophie Hasty, 13, protested the rule along with 500 other students. She told Jennifer Fisher of the Evanston Review, “Not being able to wear leggings because it’s ‘too distracting for boys’ is giving us the impression we should be guilty for what guys do.”

It gets worse. A Haven parent, Julia Bond, told Fisher “students who were getting ‘dress-coded,’ or disciplined for their attire, tended to be girls who were more developed.”

Another student, Lucy Shapiro, 12, confirmed this, revealing “when both she and a friend were wearing the same type of athletic shorts… a teacher came up and ‘dress-coded’ her, but not her friend” because, she was told, “I had a different body type than my friend.

Oddly the school’s principal, Kathy Roberson, sent a letter home saying that leggings aren’t banned, but the dress code rule that appears on the school’s web site says “shorts, dresses, and skirts must extend closer to the knee than the hip, short shorts or skirts and leggings are unacceptable attire.”

The rule’s under review, and they better hurry up with so many dangerous girls in leggings on the loose or face the dip in achievement for Illinois Mathletes.

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