America’s Next Top Author? Tyra Banks Inks A Book Deal

When we heard Tyra Banks had inked a book deal, we assumed it would be your standard “How To” tome. As in, “Much Ado About Smizing.” Or something. But silly us to think she’d go and do something sort of logical — after all we’re talking about the woman who has created an empire around the premise of plucking slightly above average girls out of obscurity, shaving their heads and calling them models.

So from the pretty little head that brought Andre Leon Talley to the CW, comes the young adult fantasy series, “Modelland.”

Variety reports that America’s Next Top Author was spurred to put pen and pad after submitting notes for another project. “I realized that I needed to do this myself,” Tyra said. “I have this notebook I write everything in and started working on titles and breaking down characters. And I kept going and going. I knew I didn’t want it to be some autobiography; I wanted to create a fantastical place.” Sounds to us like someone’s wig might be on a little too tight, no?

So what — besides an obvious attempt to cash in on the impressionable tween demographic — is Modelland?

Think Top Model meets Harry Potter , with the requisite dash of Tyra wackiness thrown in. Banks explains that the plot centers on a teen who manages to get into an exclusive academy for “Intoxibellas” — who are the most exceptional models known to humankind and harbor unknown powers. Oooh, super models with super powers — sounds inspired. We wonder if there will be an ex-Victoria Secret “super”/model of humanity who guides the teen on her mystical journey, a transsexual who teaches her the proper strut, or, at the very least, a  competitive walk-off in the cafeteria.

Wendy Loggia, who edited the book series “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” said she couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work with Banks. “Her adventuresome spirit, her sincere desire to empower females of all ages and her unique success in the fashion world are very much present.”

Don’t worry — as part of her bizarre march to take over the world, Tyra is already in talks with production companies. Wonder if Andre is ready for his close up?


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