WATCH: Tyra Banks Tries Really, Really Hard To Get Conan O’Brien To Smize

Supermodel Tyra Banks has said before that the smize isn’t made, it’s learned. And last night she tried her damnedest to teach late-night TV host Conan O’Brien smile with his eyes.

But hey — not everyone’s a model. Conan entertained the audience with his attempts to “sell the magazine cover” and “get the man” (two things Tyra promises you can do once you master the smize), but unfortunately he sort of just ended up looking creepy.

Other than that, the whole interview is a pretty charming encounter. Tyra talks about how the boys in the Harvard Business School dorms never once hit on her, and talks a lot about her new book Modelland, a fantasy world in which only special children can get into a special school to learn how to be supermodels. After Tyra teaches laughs her way through a smize lesson, she shows Conan a physical interpretation of a smize, which is sort of like a eye with a wing. In the book (bear with us here), finding a smize unlocks the door to special supermodel powers. Like selling magazine covers and getting the man. Tyra, of course, acknowledges that this is a little cray cray.

“I know it sounds crazy, because it’s crazy fantasy adventure,” she says to the audience. “So shut up. It’s crazy and it’s supposed to be crazy!”

Crazy indeed. Take a look at the video below. If you want to skip ahead to the smizing lesson, skip ahead to the 3:54 mark.

[Team Coco]

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