WATCH: Tyra Banks Bungles Really Simple Math Problem

We think at some point, while Tyra Banks was a teenager modeling in Paris, she might have missed one or two lessons on basic addition and subtraction.

Because in her new video on stilettos for Type F, she sort of fudges the numbers when trying to explain that the height of a platform can actually lessen the impact of the height of a heel. Banks explains:

The secret to the platform is, however high the platform is underneath the ball of your foot takes away from the height of the heel. So say the height of the heel is five inches … if you have just an inch or an inch-and-a-half platform, that heel is really just three-and-half or three inches. Get it? It’s math, baby.

It is math, but it’s not correct. While a platform that has 1.5 inches of “extra chunk,” as Banks calls it, will reduce a 5-inch heel to 3.5 inches (5 – 1.5 =3.5), if it only has one inch of chunk, you’re still dealing with a 4-inch heel (5 – 1 = 4).

This wouldn’t bother us if Banks said this on a red carpet or over brunch with friends, but the fact that she said it on a website to which people all over the country have been directed for tips on style and fashion just sort of irks us. How did the people in editing miss that? Doesn’t Andre Leon Talley know better? You’re making us look bad, Ty!

Check out the number-bungling action around the 1:32 mark.

The Stiletto — powered by TYPEF.COM

The Stiletto [Type F]

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