Tyra Banks Thinks You’re ‘Flawesome’ Just The Way You Are

Tyra Banks is giving props to Vogue for the mag’s recent health initiative, via a column on the Daily Beast.

To refresh: Condé Nast International and Vogue announced a plan to encourage healthy body image within the mag’s pages and in the fashion industry. Will it work? We don’t know, but at least influential industry folk are supporting it.

In Banks’s open letter to models, she points to some bad career experiences, like getting blacklisted because she was curvy and being around 12-year-old girls when she was working in Paris. She hopes Vogue can stop others from being faced with the same ordeals.

Vogue has the power to make and break — whether it’s fashion trends, designers, models, and yes, even industry practices. Their bold stance means that others will follow.”

But the problem of unhealthy body image isn’t just the modeling or fashion industry’s fault, which is why Banks sends a message to moms:

“To moms everywhere, we need to educate our girls not to fall prey to thinspirational images of beauty. So where do we start? By being very careful about how we talk about our own bodies in front of our daughters. We can show our daughters diverse images of beautiful women: curvy, tall, short, and everything in-between. Moms, you are the first and most influential role model in your girl’s life. Use that power. Teach her to love herself and everything that makes her unique.”

Oh, and she also coined the word “flawsome” which is, in her words, “you + your flaws + awesome”.

[The Daily Beast]

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