Is Tyson Beckford The Most Overpaid Male Model Of All Time?

Tyson Beckford is nothing if not candid.

The model told Mr Porter all about modeling in the ’90s:

“The fashion industry was so different back then. I guess it was all so new and so extravagant. The budgets were enormous; it was certainly a lot more fun. The parties were out of control and because no one had a camera phone and there was no Facebook or Twitter, you could do whatever you wanted with whoever you wanted.”

Was he overpaid?

“Yes! I once walked in a fashion show ­- literally, just walked -­ for no more than a minute or two and they paid me a silly amount of money.” Define “silly”, I ask. Sillier than Ms Linda Evangelista’s famous $10,000 a day to get out of bed? “Yes. $40,000. I was like, ‘Really? You don’t have to give me that!’ You know when Linda said that it set the bar for every other model -­ everyone just upped their day rates. It was hilarious. All the models – women and men – were like, ‘Remind me to send Linda flowers!'”

He also discussed artistic differences (“The photographer wanted me to put a sweater over my face or something.”) and his poor girlfriend. Ugh.

[Mr Porter via The Cut]

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