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We alluded to this earlier, but last night’s Advanced Style party at the Ace Hotel, co-hosted by its creator Ari Seth Cohen and oh-so-awesome Tavi Gevinson was by far and away our favorite party of the week, mainly because it was so refreshing to see people wearing fabulous things because they want to wear them, and not because they think it will get them photographed.

We’ve been obsessed with Advanced Style for a while now, but it was honestly and heart-warmingly inspiring to be in the presence of so many creative and expressive ladies. So much of fashion is about celebrating the Next Big Thing which, sadly, is often Very, Very Young. But these women have had a lifetime to hone and embrace their personal style — it’s only logical that the older you are, the better it’s going to get. So in the spirit of things, we chatted with one such fabulous lady, Tziporah Salamon, a longtime staple of Cohen’s site and a favorite of the New York Times’ Style section, among others.

Not to make you give away your secrets, but what’s the number one rule women should know about getting dressed?

Rule #1 is get to know your body. That’s the most important thing in dressing well: knowing what looks good on you. I don’t look at trends. I look at what looks good on me, what’s comfortable for me, and what inspires me. I get inspiration from persian prints, Persian miniatures, art books, but its never fashion magazines.

Do you wear designer brands?

I don’t have one piece of designer on. I rarely do. Oh, except my shoes. [She gestures to a pair of gold sequin embellished flats.]

Ooh! We love them. Who are they by?

Actually, this is my first time wearing them. I got them on sale in Seattle. [She removes her shoe to check the label. They’re Sigerson Morrison.]

When you get dressed, where do you start? With your shoes? Your bag? Your…

The hat. I always start with the hat.

A good hat is a very important accessory. We love bold accessories, like chunky jewelry. It’s all you need!

In the beginning, when I didn’t have any money, I’d wear the same black shirt and black pants and you never knew it because every day the accessories were different.

Right! You could wear a tshirt and jeans —

Well, I never wore a tshirt and jeans.

We love ourselves some black skinnys, but Salamon’s advice is probably worth listening to; later on in the night, Tziporah offered up this envy-inducing tidbit:

“I’m one of Bill’s favorites. You know Bill Cunningham?”

We do indeed.


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