UPDATE: UBS Will Revise Its 43-Page Dress Code

Remember that absurd UBS dress code? You know, the one that dictated flesh-colored undies, non-shiny shoes, 1.5 millimeter fingernails, tie knots that match your face shape and no garlic eating? Well, it looks like UBS is revising its obscene policies after a thorough lashing by a truly appalled media (hey, that’s us!).

Though the bank won’t reveal exactly what rule changes will go down, UBS spokesperson Andreas Kern explained why they’re making the revisions. “We’re reviewing what is important to us. People made fun of UBS, but it didn’t cause any damage to our reputation.” Kind of wimpy of them, no?

The new “modest booklet” will allegedly “concentrate on how to impress customers with a polished presence and sense of Swiss precision and decorum.” Here ‘s to hoping we get our hands on a copy when it’s released!


No Garlic Or Bowties: UBS Releases 43-Page Dress Code

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