PHOTOS: Seeing Black And Blue At The UN General Assembly

We noticed something during the United Nations General Assembly that might upset you, if you’re a fashion person. No, we’re not talking about when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the entire organization a “hall of darkness” for his country. Nor are we referring to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s speech, which caused a few people to walk out of the chamber. No, instead, you might be upset to know that none of the various heads of state really seemed to care what he put on his or her back.

That’s not to say anyone looked like a schlub (unlike some presidential candidates we know) when they showed up at the UN World Headquarters in New York City over the past few days. And there was a definite trend that emerged, too — most of the speakers wore either black or blue or some combination of the two. But if the presidents and prime ministers were slightly trendy, they were definitely very boring in their presnetation. It’s proabably because we’ve conditioned our politicians to be uncontroversial with their sartorial choices, but we think we’d pay more attention to President Obama‘s opposition to recognizing Palestine as an independent country if he was wearing a punchier tie. Or maybe a checked jacket. Or something.

It might sound like a frivolous argument, and we realize that to some extent it is. But the whole point of fashion is that you can use your clothes to set yourself apart from other people. And when people who can literally create countries with penstrokes and improve billions of lives over the course of a single speech don’t care enough to make their outfits interesting, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Check out a few of the outfits below, and tell us how you think your favorite world leader could’ve done better.

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