Upskirted Urban Outfitters Employee Sues Company for Sexual Harassment


Urban Outfitters has taken a well-deserved break from pissing off entire cultures to unfairly treat one female employee, according to a recent law suit.

A former female Urban Outfitters employee is suing the company for unspecified damages, claiming that customers, security, and store management subjected her to various forms of harassment.

Here are 6 things Tatiana Swiderski, 25, is alleging, according to the law suit:

1. A customer shot up-the-skirt photos of Swiderski and other employees in November of last year. (He was kicked out, but no one called the police.)

2. When Swiderski notified a security guard who was probably hired for his sensitivity, he said, “What are you wearing under your skirt?” Great question!

3. The security guard “insisted on performing pat-downs” that weren’t given to anyone else, and Swiderski believed these rub-downs were sexually inappropriate. (That’s assault.)

4. Another customer allegedly 1) grabbed Swiderski’s top lip, 2) told her he wanted to “see her teeth,” then 3) licked her face, and 4) grabbed the front of her dress and tried to pull her chest out of it.

5. Instead of notifying the police, the store’s management team stuck Swiderski in the “unheated” stock room, allegedly telling her, “At least now people can’t molest you.” Great, great, great.

6. Swiderski also claims a male manager made lewd comments toward her, (just for good measure in case 1-5 weren’t enough to turn you off their dresses and sock hats.)

An Urban Outfitters spokesperson told Gothamist that the company “abhors unlawful discrimination and harassment and has policies which prohibit such conduct in the workplace. The Company takes these matters very seriously and is currently investigating the allegations made in the complaint.”

This place now has a rap sheet long enough to fill one of their coffee table books. Possible title: Stuff Cool Stores Do.


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