Steve Urkel Inspires A Middle School Anti-Sagging Policy

Thanks to some creative thinking and a dose of inspiration from a 90s sitcom icon, one middle school principal has turned his campus into a sag-free zone.

Bobby White of Westside Middle School near Memphis, Tenn. was tired of having to ask so many of his students to pull their pants up far enough that he wouldn’t have to look at their underwear. So he devised a gimmick called the Urkel Initiative — Steve Urkel from Family Matters, for those of you who don’t remember, famously wore his pants belted above his belly button.

Under the new policy, students at Westside go from one extreme to the other. If they come to school without a belt or wearing droopy trousers, teachers hike their pants above their natural waists. Most students who’ve been Urkelized, as the kids call it, end up coming to school with their pants right on their hips.


The Urkel Initiative [Buzzfeed]

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