Daniel Craig, George Clooney & Matt Damon Stare You Down For VF

It’s not every day you see three leading men on the cover of a leading culture magazine, but thanks to the forward-thinking photo editors at Vanity Fair, that day has arrived. The magazine’s February issue is fronted not by a chanteuse on the rise or an entertainer whose personal life is a media spectacle, but three good looking, award-winning actors challenged to take Vanity Fair‘s toughest test: The Proust Questionnaire.

Avid readers of the magazine will know that the questionnaire has been profiling some of the world’s coolest old(er) people for years now, but Vanity Fair has never quizzed three people at the same time, so we’re sure to get some interesting results.

While the three quizzes haven’t been published in full yet, we do know that George Clooney wants to be reincarnated as his dog, Matt Damon‘s parents are his biggest heroes and Daniel Craig wishes he had opposable toes. You know, to pick things up with his feet. Handy.

It’s not the magazine’s most fashiony cover, but we still find it pretty charming. Take a look at it below, and don’t worry that this is the end of the pretty dresses and pretty women you’ve seen on the cover before: We have a feeling both of those will be back come March.

[Vanity Fair]

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