Eyewitness Account: Versace For H&M Is Turning Men Into Animals

We knew that the US launch of Versace for H&M would cause a lot of hysteria (and possibly some brawling), but we didn’t anticipate that the collection’s male enthusiasts would literally be muscling the clothes out of other people hands.

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Styleite reader Jamilia Gates, a 26-year-old from Atlanta, GA, wrote in to tell us that even though she got in line at the H&M in Atlantic Station Mall at 5:30 this morning, she walked away with nothing. “It’s very disappointing,” she writes, adding that shoppers were “arguing and pushing. Men were pushing women.”

We get that any H&M collaboration is going inspire a certain amount of militant behavior — especially on launch day. Which is why the store generally institutes rules for collections like this — shoppers only get a 15-minute window to decide what they’re going to buy (Gates wrote that her time slot went from 9:05 to 9:20) and sections of the store were limited to small groups of people at a time.

Despite those efforts, Gates couldn’t manage to get her hands on anything, and tweeted her discontent, calling the other shoppers “vultures.”

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“I just wish after all that I didn’t end up empty handed,” she told us. And for our part, we wish she hadn’t gone home with nothing, either.

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