Butt Implants And Cocaine: Vice Visits Colombia Fashion Week

Vice’s Fashion Week Internationale is one of our favorite web series to date — and this week’s episode does not disappoint. Host Charlet Duboc heads to Medellin to check out what Colombia Fashion Week is all about, where she learns about the changing face of beauty in a city known more for cocaine and plastic surgery than clothes.

As Duboc says:

”If you’re squeamish you might find it challenging to watch through til the end! Colombia’s still struggling to shake off its association with cocaine trafficking and Pablo Escobar. The Colombian “narco-beauty” epidemic is a hangover from this legacy and an example of girls getting carried away with the vanity, which is part of the blueprint of Colombian female identity. But being out there, I’ve never felt ass-envy like it!”

We, too, had some ass envy, until we got to the part where Duboc watched an actual butt implant surgery. Call us wimps, but we’ll keep our derrieres as they are, thank you very much.

Watch the whole episode below:


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