WATCH: Vice Goes To Tel Aviv, Finds Moschino And Missiles

For the latest episode of Fashion Week International, Charlet Duboc and the Vice team traveled to Tel Aviv to report on its two-day fashion week, explore Israel’s anorexia epidemic, witness the controversial work of fashion photographer Lior Nordman, and meet the alluring women of the Israel Defense Forces. Except they never quite got around to that last part, since on November 15, when the crew was busy filming and lining up their interviews, the commercial capital was hit by a missile attack for the first time in 20 years.

“Suddenly,” Duboc says, reflecting on some of the tongue-in-cheek accessories she saw being sent down the runway, “the bomb hats didn’t feel so funny.”

Towards the beginning of the episode, we find ourselves in a place more familiar to your average fashion journalist: a Moschino show. Although, true to form, Vice is hoping to explore less innocuous topics than hem lengths or next season’s accessories. Charlet interviews a member of the design team, probing him about Israel’s law banning underweight models and what the effects are, or should be, on the fashion industry. But, of course, he just wants to talk about the clothes.

The next stop is the agency of Adi Barkan, who has been campaigning for the legislation since the death of his model friend who suffered from severe eating disorders. From there the crew visit Nordman’s underground photography studio, hidden away because of the politically sensitive nature of his shoots. He was the lensman behind the provocative spread on bus segregation in Jerusalem that made headlines earlier this year, but during Vice‘s visit he is shooting a topless model in an hijab-esque veil posing suggestively with a man in Israeli army attire.

Watch the full episode, divided into three part segments, below:

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