Ms. Beckham: I Never Said My Bags Were Better Than Birkins!

We tend to think the internet is pretty much the best. Because it is. But sometimes it’s a bit of an echo chamber, which is a problem because false information can spread in an instant.

When Victoria Beckham presented her spring/summer 2011 collection this week, she debuted a line of handbags. While Beckham is undoubtedly confident about her designs, she told WWD that she did not in fact say “a Beckham can replace your Birkin,” as was reported by, among other sources. So she set the record straight:

Silly stories, where do they come from? I have enormous respect and admiration for Hermès so to read ‘Beckham is the new Birkin’ is yet another totally ridiculous tabloid fabrication. I will not be trading in my Birkin! However, I will be carrying my own line of handbags as well!

She probably won’t be doodling on her Birkin though.

[via WWD]

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