Victoria Beckham Is Dressing Some Big Name Stars For The Oscars

Looks like Victoria Beckham is starting to get the kind of high-flying validation she’s been working toward for the last few years. According to some well placed sources, the designer has been asked to create dresses for some of the biggest stars walking this year’s Oscar red carpet.

The Daily Mail reports that Posh Spice has had requests for Oscar dresses for Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz — and they’re not the only ones. The British designer, who’s in New York to present her fall collection during Fashion Week, is said to be working around the clock to get dresses ready for the stars who want to wear her.

But the dresses won’t be the mutli-thousand-dollar affairs that the big couture houses will create. Rather, Beckham’s staff — who won’t confirm which stars they’re dressing — will make sure that the clothes they loan out will fit perfectly and look great on the red carpet.

‘We do have requests in from stylists for the Oscars, but as our team is so small we don’t have the opportunity to custom make dresses like the bigger fashion houses,’ a spokesman for Victoria Beckham told MailOnline.

‘Nor do we have the big budgets to pay people to endorse our brand, so it’s really a waiting game and we won’t know until the night if any of our dresses will be worn.’

Still, it’s a pretty exciting to know that Beckham’s form-fitting dresses are up for consideration. After just three years in the game, she’s already competing head-to-head with red-carpet heavyweights like Dior and Elie Saab. And if she gets a dress on anyone’s back, it’ll be on the merit of her design talent, not a paid endorsement. We call that impressive.

Tune in on Sunday, February 26 to see if Beckham lands her dress on the backs of any of the nominees.

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