WATCH: Victoria Beckham Unveils Androgynous Fall VVB Line In Stop Motion

victoria by victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham has unveiled her Victoria, Victoria Beckham Fall 2013 collection, and this season her girl has taken an androgynous turn. Don’t get us wrong, there are still plenty of dresses in the mix, but the tailoring is more masculine, which means room to breath, which is something that Beckham doesn’t afford herself often. Still the line is dripping with that blithely chic sleekness that we know and covet.

Beckham told Grazia:

“I feel like the Victoria, Victoria Beckham girl this season is an engaged intellectual with a sense of humour. She can wear anything with aplomb yet she chooses the simplicity of a dress. She marches rather than walks, she drinks espresso, and she devours books and art and film. And she is subversively sexy without trying. I’d like to meet her…”

Oh, us too. And while we’re sad we can never go tête-à-tête with Beckham’s imaginary girl, we do get a glimpse of her in the short, stop-motion video below. It’s a tease, but we’ll take what we can get.

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