Why Are These Victoria’s Secret Angels Posing With A Fake Feathery Baby?

We can’t imagine why you would want to get your photo taken next to Karlie Kloss, Erin Heatherton and Behati Prinsloo after they’ve been poured into tiny bandage dresses.

But today some people did just that, and it was a bit weird. At least we think it happened today — this all supposedly went down at Victoria’s Secret SoHo, right across the street from our office, and we didn’t notice a thing. Maybe it didn’t happen at all. But it’s on Instagram, which means it definitely happened, so we tried to discuss it like we would an event that didn’t feature babies covered with feathers and furniture that might not even be human-sized.

Hannah: Why would you want to get your photo taken next to these girls?

Laura: I can’t imagine. Nor can I imagine the painstaking hours spent hot-glueing feathers to a wiggly little baby.

Hannah: :(

Laura: Karlie Kloss is so long-limbed she can’t even fit in the chair. She is like awkwardly contorting to make it look like normal human furniture suits her.

Hannah: I can’t stop staring, she makes Behati look like a midget.

Laura: There is so much going on in all these pics. The fans are all kind of cute, too. Did everyone get dressed up to meet these models at the mall? Or did Getty just select the cutest tweens they could find for a photo sesh?

Hannah: I know, it’s so deceptively simple, I thought the baby was fake. Afterthought: Why are they now taking selfies with the feathered baby? Where is its mother?

Laura: I did too! In the first pic it looks like one of those freakish dolls they sell in department stores which I used to affectionately call “Dead Baby Dolls” b/c they look so real. But so dead.

Conclusion: Maybe they’re promoting Body extra hard now that Pink’s in the danger zone. Though there’s only one photo of any actual merch, which appears to have been the result of an afterthought post-complimentary cocktails. Maybe it’s just one of those ‘only in New York‘ things. We’re not sure because at this point we got distracted thinking about the people who make those dolls, but you can see for yourself below.

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