WATCH: How To Recreate Kate Moss’ Vogue Cover Look

Two British beauty powerhouses walk into a room…

It may sound like the beginning of a joke we’d fumble the punchline to, but this really did happen with makeup artists Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury, and here’s a positively smashing video to prove it.

The tutorial for French Vogue’s September cover starts off with a giddy Lisa introducing the Rock ‘N’ Kohl creator as a guest on her channel and “a phenomenal talent,” then segues into Charlotte recreating the look she did on Kate Moss in super soothing, ASMR-producing tones.

As if all that women-helping-women stuff and top-notch maquillage mastery weren’t enough, Lisa renames her studio (normally dubbed “The House of Eldridge”) in honor of Charlotte. After you watch this tutorial, you’ll be worshipping at the Temple of Tilbury, too.

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