This Blog Reveals the Darkest Depths of Retro Women’s Advertising

After familiarizing ourselves with how nauseating women’s weight-gain advertising was in days of yore, we decided to do a little more digging and in the process stumbled upon the blog Do I Offend?. In short, it’s the number-one destination if you’re looking to pull your hair out in rage — or as they put it, view the most “degrading, ridiculous, humiliating ads from yesteryear!” in jest.

If you’re feeling too chipper about your femininity, or you just need a quick reminder of how hopeless women are without science, scroll through one of D.I.O’s six categories: A Weighty Subject, Skin Deep, Your Odor Please, Toilet Torment, Hell’s Kitchen, and Miscellaneous Madness. It’s an all-encompassing look at how easy it was for the Don Drapers of the world to belittle women by any means necessary.

We’ve chosen 10 of the most agonizing ads for you to examine, below, then invite you to see (NOT EAT!) the whole enchilada on Do I Offend?.











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