Fox News Confuses Vivienne Westwood For A Climate Change Expert

There are designers we love because of their work and designers we love because of their personality. And then there’s a very small subset of designers we love because while their clothes are amazing, their quotes are even better. Vivienne Westwood is one of these designers. At the opening of her Los Angeles boutique last week, Westwood spoke to Fox News’ entertainment reporters (also known as “Pop Tarts”) about her concerns regarding climate change. True to form, her statements were a bit over the top — but Fox News took them so seriously as to ask actual climate change experts to weigh in on the veracity of Westwood’s opinion.

Westwood told Fox:

“I try to use my voice to tell people of the danger of climate change, we are an endangered species. Within one generation, Los Angeles will be uninhabitable if people don’t do something about it. The world is going to get smaller and be uninhabitable and impossible to live in. The most important thing is for people to inform themselves, because when you inform yourself your behavior changes. All we’ve got is public opinion to help to do something about this. I just try to wear lots of slogans and open my mouth whenever I can.”

(We’ve taken the liberty of bolding the sentence with which they took the most issue.)

And in case you were wondering, Fox’s expert solidly refuted Westwood’s claim.

“[This doesn’t bear any truths] that I can detect,” Richard S. Lindzen, a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told us. “The dangers of the (government) policies seem more obviously dangerous than climate change. Climate change has always been with us, and the evidence is that we can adapt to it.”

Glad that’s all cleared up!

[via HuffPost Style.]

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