Vogue Thinks You’re Going To Spend $450 On This Beach Towel

When you think about the kinds of things you do with a beach towel (throw it in the dirt, sweat into it, use it to dry your dog after he’s gone far too long without a bath and you finally cave in and give him one), it sort of makes sense that it’s not the kind of item you should spend a lot of money on — no matter how much of you have to bandy about. And yet, the people at Vogue think that there’s a consumer out there who will willingly plonk down more for one of their branded beach towels than most families spend on groceries in a month.

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Just in time for the holidays, the American fashion bible is selling a beach towel through ultra-luxurious linens purveyor D. Porthault that features an image of its July 15, 1926 cover. That cover was a painting of a flapper (of course) wearing a red headscarf by artist Eduardo Garcia Benito, which you may or may not have seen pinned to the wall of one of your cooler friend’s college dorm room. But we digress.

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An iconic image on a super high-quality towel might make a novel gift, but it doesn’t nearly come close to justifying the price of this towel. So if you’re thinking about getting one for someone you love, we’d suggest you write a check to them for the same amount and let them use it to pay their rent.

[Vogue Daily via The Cut]

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