PHOTOS: Why Are The Kids In Vogue Enfants So Sad?

It’s not that we don’t like kids or anything, but when we saw the scans of the new issue of Vogue Enfants we were seriously creeped out. Because the magazine didn’t really suggest a feeling of, “Look, these kids are having fun and it’s all because of their preppy, colorful clothing and beauty products that they don’t need!” It was a lot more like “These children are coming after you and they will eat you in order to stay alive if they have to.”

No, seriously. Take a look at the pictures below. We know this is Vogue — and a supplement of Vogue Paris at that — but when we think of our childhood we think of smiling faces and candy and finding ways not to eat cauliflower, not giving a photographer the perfect pouty stink eye or looking malcontented. The kids aren’t being provocative, they don’t look abused or mistreated. They just look angry. And they shouldn’t. Because they’re six. If fashion magazines can do stuff like this to kids, it’s no wonder they can’t get it right when it comes to grown women.

Things That Creep Us Out from the New Issue of Vogue Enfants [Fashionista]

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