Vogue Hellas And Vogue Portugal Have The Same August Cover

Seeing double? Actually, triple is probably more accurate, considering that you’ve already seen these two covers (which belong to Vogue Hellas and Vogue Portugal) in a Vogue Paris editorial last month.

As it turns out, both lesser-known Vogues snagged the shot of Karmen Pedaru posing on the beach in Pucci from the French publication. Transportation, stylists, photographers, make up artists, and models can foot a hefty bill, and if you’re not one of the major magazine heavyweights, it isn’t exactly economical to produce a new cover every month. That means reusing material from sister magazines — and somehow, out of hundreds of potential images, two publications chose the same one. Coincidence?

Either way, Pedaru got far more than she bargained for, snagging two Vogues without going to a single cover shoot.

Vogue Hellas and Vogue Portugal Poach the Same Vogue Paris Cover For Their August Issues [Fashionista]

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