Wintour’s One Week Internship Priced To Move At $23,000

We’re all for raising funds for a good cause but gadzooks!! It looks like someone really, really wants to intern at Vogue. So much so, they’re willing to pay $23,000 for the chance.

But… would you expect anything less? Well, maybe.

Entrance into the venerated Conde Nast building has never come cheap (read: sell your red soles to the devil in Prada) and unless you happen to be a bold face or a rebellious hockey star, open door opportunities at the iconic glossy are few and far between.

Nonetheless, that’s quite the impressive sum for a week long date with fashion’s iciest EiC — we say whilst rewinding frosty clip after frosty clip of the September Issue. We hope the big bidder knows what they’re getting themselves into…

Though, we suppose $23,000 big ones would do a fair amount to abed first day jitters. Plus it probably earns you a little something outside the banal box of coffee runs, phone answering and photocopying. Who knows, maybe they’ll let you steam!

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