PHOTOS: A Year’s Worth Of Vogue Makes Seriously Pretty Art

We write about magazine covers a lot. We speculate, we question, we mock, we praise. And every month we have a new batch of glossies to analyze! We’re not the only ones with a cover fetish, though. An industrious poster over at Fashin has put together an artful look at the past year in mags.

A user who goes by the name shrubrub layered every Vogue cover from the past year on top of one another to create composite images that are seriously beautiful. She made images for all of the Vogue editions — from Australia to Turkey — as well as a mega-composite of all of the covers from all of the editions (which, as she points out, looks eerily like the Virgin Mary).

We’ve chosen some of our favorites below (and you can check out the rest of the composite covers here).


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Dan Abrams, Founder