The Vogue September Issue Is Breaking The Backs Of Postal Workers

Well, not literally, but that thing is heavy.

Remember when we reported that American Vogue was celebrating its biggest September issue ever with almost 660 ad pages? The issue is 916 pages (!) in its entirety and weighs in at a whopping 4.5 pounds, and many postal workers are not too pleased about it. We wouldn’t be either if we had to lug those glossies around to all one million subscribers.

HuffPost Style did some digging after the issue was too big to fit in one editor’s mailbox. They asked the Postal Service if the size of the issue is making deliveries difficult for them, and this was their response:

“The Postal Service appreciates any and all mail that we are entrusted to deliver – regardless of the size or weight (as long [as it] meets requirement, of course). If a magazine is too thick to fit into a specific the mailbox, the carrier is supposed to leave a notice and take it back to the station, as opposed to attempting to make the magazine fit and risking the mail piece being ripped or mangled in the process.”

That means subscribers would have to pick their magazines up at the post office to make sure they got them in one piece! HuffPost Style also talked to a postal worker about what it was like to deliver all those magazines, and she pointed to an elbow injury caused by carrying them:

“Thirteen years. You see all the swelling here, because of that kind of magazine. You get a building like this, I have to go upstairs, I have to open the door. I cannot use both hands.”

Sounds downright hazardous to us. We have no problem making sacrifices in the name of fashion, but this sounds like it could be a serious health and safety issue. One thing’s for sure, our copies of Vogue certainly won’t migrating away from our desks anytime soon!

[HuffPost Style]

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