Vogue And Style.com Face Off In Battle Of The Fashion Blogs

Style.com may be the industry’s most well-known website, but Vogue is by far the world’s most well-known fashion magazine. So what happens when the indisputable bible of the fashion world steps out from under Style.com’s web-based shadow and re-launches its new and allegedly super-improved website?

Let’s not forget that Style.com is owned and run by CondeNast, and was originally conceived as a portal for Conde’s fashion glossies. Typically, Vogue and Style.com would pool resources: Vogue would pull from Style.com’s up-to-the-minute show images, while Style.com would aggregate Vogue‘s written content. But right after Labor Day, editor in chief Anna Wintour will unveil the new Vogue.com — which means the two entities will not only become entirely separate, but in direct competition.

Drew Schutte, senior vice president and chief revenue officer for Condé Nast Digital, isn’t worried. He told WWD:

“In my mind, why not have two of the leading brands in the online space?” Schutte said. “There’s lots of competition coming up, so instead of letting someone else become the number-two competitor, I’d like to make one ourselves and have the number one and two in the space.”

We’ll be honest, we’re less concerned for Vogue than we are for Style.com. While certainly an indisputable resource during show season – WWD notes that the site averages a very respectable 2 million monthly uniques, except during fashion week, when pageviews jump to 169.7 million — Style.com isn’t really a frontrunner in terms of viral online content. If Vogue plays their cards right, and so far it sounds like they are with fan favorite Hamish Bowles on hand to contribute to the site, we suspect they’ll blow all their competitors out of the water.

[via WWD.]

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