Does Vogue Even Need A Tumblr?

Vogue magazine, that bastion of old media refinement and superiority, now has a Tumblr. It started yesterday, there are four posts on it, and all of them redirect to Wait, what?

We understand that in order to stay competitive the magazine thinks it needs to be in touch and connected with anyone and everyone using social media platforms. And if we as a publication represented the last great hooray of a dying industry, maybe we would think the same thing. But while Vogue is first and foremost with compelling fashion stories and runway reviews, it’s always last to the social party (remember how long it took to get them on Twitter?), and because of that we don’t know if the magazine is going to use Tumblr to its full potential.

Internet nerds that we are, everyone on the Styleite staff has a Tumblr (we challenge you to find them on your own). We use the platform to post interesting stories we come across, to connect with other people, and to find interesting things that other people have posted. It’s our guess that the Vogue Tumblr will not do this.

Instead, whatever marketing intern they have running it will likely be restricted to posting things that will link its followers and readers back to the main website. They’re not going to reblog, say, the imaginative musings of John Jannuzzi‘s Textbook or the awesome outfits Jessica Quirk posts on What I Wore. Well, if they did, we’d be seriously surprised.

Which is exactly why we’re following them now. We already get all their links thanks to our obsessive monitoring of the site on all of its other web footprints, and we’re waiting to see the day when the magazine uses Tumblr to communicate with and engage its readers in a discussion about fashion. Because that’s what all great Tumblrs do.

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