Will Vogue Sue A Canadian Charity?

Breach of trademark is a serious legal matter, and we know that if someone stole our intellectual property (without noting us as the creator, natch) we would be pretty ticked off.

But pissing off Styleite and pissing off Vogue are two very different things. Because Vogue will sue you pretty quick.

A Victoria, British Columbia-based charity learned that lesson on Wednesday, a day before an event that was to be called Victoria’s Fashion’s Night Out. Vogue’s lawyers sent the event’s organizers a letter threatening legal action if the event’s name wasn’t changed:

“Our client did not consent to use of its Fashion’s Night Out trademark by your organization or its members and is extremely concerned by this unauthorized use of its intellectual property,” said a letter from lawyer Leigh Walters, from Sim Lowman Ashton and McKay.

The Vancouver Sun reports the organizers scrambled yesterday to change the name of the event to Victoria’s Fashion Night, and hopefully their fundraising efforts won’t be derailed by legal fees.

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